Psychotherapy is a meeting. At the right time, in the right place, as close to yourself as possible. The company of a psychotherapist helps to make your thoughts more clear, to feel the difference in your emotions and to get closer to what you need for a better life. Psychotherapy is an elaborate method of treatment that results in changes in the brain (By creating new neural connections, it becomes more flexible and able to find solutions where they were previously unavailable). So it is recommended for people who want a change in themselves, even if they still fear it or don’t quite feel ready for it.

Each therapy is different, created individually to suit your needs and abilities. Sometimes it’s about stopping with something important, sometimes it’s about moving on from the place you are stuck in. Sometimes it’s about looking inside yourself, and sometimes it’s about looking around to see the world as it is. Sometimes there is value in growing up, and sometimes in letting yourself be childishly carefree. Sometimes there is a need for relief, and sometimes there is a need to be cheered in the battle. Finding the best way forward is a very interesting experience. For the patients and for me, who accompanies them in it taking care to reach the solution. 

As an Ericksonian therapist, I focus my attention on what is needed NOW to make the FUTURE better. The past in this therapy is interesting mainly as a source of resources and important experiences. The analysis of the causes of problems (by the patient) is not the most important factor of this branch of psychotherapy. Milton H. Erickson assumed that understanding is not necessary for change. For change it is necessary to change. Thus, the therapeutic effect is often gained unconsciously, and only later, already consciously and intentionally, is it learned to be sustained. To live as well as possible. For this reason, I often use therapeutic stories in therapy. I engage the unconscious, intuitive part of the psyche to look for solutions. Sometimes I use Ericksonian hypnosis to intensify the therapeutic effect.

 The goals, the length of psychotherapy and the area of changes are discussed during the first meetings-consultations. Then a therapeutic contract is concluded, setting the conditions of the therapy. In order to make an appointment for a consultation, it is necessary to make short arrangements, so if you are interested, please call me. I will call you back if I cannot answer. Contact is at the bottom of the page.

 For more on Ericksonian psychotherapy, see the Reading Guide.