I have always known that there is a lot of joy in training. Gaining skills, growing, enriching… it all happens while learning a new perspective.

For some time I also know that teaching others gives a lot of joy.

I invite you to my workshops, which are based on Erickson’s concepts: You have the resources! You have yourself! You have the future!

I provide workshops:

  • for professionals in the use of Ericksonian techniques in therapy;
  • for patients who want to learn effective ways to support healing;
  • for those curious about the power of fairy tales and metaphors in opening their horizons and becoming ready for change.

Glider Flight

A story close to the beginning of my training is one told me by one of my teachers. Bernhard Trenkle once said to me what his teacher Jeff Zeig, whose own teacher was Milton H. Erickson, shared with him.

 Jeff realized while flying a glider that he couldn’t use all the air around him… Moreover, he also realized that he didn’t need all the air that was available. Instead he needs the air which is available now, in this moment… Because the stream of air which is able to lift you high happens at some point and then it passes. You have only a moment to decide, to rise or to wait for the next favorable moment. With no guarantee that the next one will come….

 This unique metaphor inspired me to spread my wings, and feel the wind in my sails, and take many successful flights into new spaces.

And one day I learned the literal meanings of those words. Holding the controls of a glider. The weather was not ideal. It rarely is. There was no telling if it would ever get better. You had to keep yourself safe and fly! Catch the wind that is. To get up in the air! Life looks quite different from that perspective when you allow yourself to freely soar.

That is how a good workshop is supposed to flow for me!

If you would like to join, check out the current opportunities:

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